CPSU NSW is a non-profit organisation funded primarily by volunteer membership fees and run by volunteers with some paid officials and staff. CPSU NSW is administered through our Associated Body, the Public Service Association of NSW.

CPSU NSW officials and staff understand that the ongoing contribution of membership fees is a significant commitment by our members. We understand that we have a strong obligation to ensure members’ dues are spent responsibly and in support of better outcomes for our members. CPSU NSW and our Associated Body, the PSA, has many rigorous process in place to ensure members funds are used ethically and effectively including ensuring the Union has no credit cards.

Our commitment to financial transparency and integrity is in the interests of our members. Below is listed the financial reports for the CPSU NSW, the Federal Office of the CPSU (SPSF Group) as well as the Associated Body who administers the CSPU NSW, the PSA. 

CPSU-SPSF Financial Statements


CPSU-SPSF Concise Financial Report

PSA of NSW Summary of Financial Accounts