CPSU leadership

The CPSU NSW governing body is the State Executive and delegates to State Branch Council.

The State Branch Council operates with the CPSU NSW’s associated body, the Public Service Association of NSW.

All members of the CPSU NSW are also members of the PSA and the PSA provides the resourcing and support for CPSU NSW members.

State Branch Executive

Stewart Little
State Branch Secretary
Troy Wright
State Branch Assistant Secretary

Shelley Odewahn, State Branch Assistant Secretary

Mary Court, State Branch President

Nicole Jess, State Branch Vice President

Rebecca Reilly, State Branch Vice President

Jenny Singleton, State Branch Vice President

Delegates to State Branch Council

Sage Benishay, Kelli Bottrell, Shane Elliott, Angela Field, Matte Rochford, Heather Shields, Jeffrey Walters, Julie Westacott and Anabel Morales Nogues.

As the CPSU NSW operates through our associated body, the PSA of NSW, many of the structures of the PSA are just as relevant to CPSU NSW members.

These structures include:

PSA Central Council – 45 members including the PSA Executive

PSA Executive members are:

General Secretary – Stewart Little

Assistant General Secretary – Troy Wright

President – Kylie McKelvie

Senior Vice President – Nicole Jess

Vice Presidents – Wendy Hurry, Ray Wilton

There is also:

Women’s Council – 24 members elected from the women members of the CPSU NSW/PSA, and all women Central Councillors.

Aboriginal Council – elected from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of the CPSU NSW/PSA to represent and progress issues for Aboriginal members.

Higher Education Representative Council – elected from Professional Staff members employed by Universities in NSW.