Women’s Council

Womens Council


Over eighty years ago, a new clause was inserted into the PSA Rules which continues to have a lasting effect on the CPSU NSW and PSA to this day. The clause established the PSA Women’s Auxiliary which is known today as the Women’s Council.

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Women’s Council Committee is an advisory body to Central Council on issues affecting women members of the CPSU NSW and PSA.

Council is made up of elected members along with female members of the Executive and Central Council.


Elections for members of the steering committee (Women’s Council) shall be held every two years. The committee consists of 24 members, 12 of which are Central Councillors.


In accordance with the PSA By-Laws Chapter G Women’s Council, as noted at PSA Executive 26 March 2018, the Women’s Council Committee shall meet in February, April, July, September and December. The meeting shall occur the Tuesday after a Central Council meeting held in February, April, July, September and December. Approval from the Association’s General Secretary is required for funding of additional meetings, or in accordance with PSA Rules.

Women’s Council Committee

List of WCC members