Legal Services

Members of the CPSU NSW have access to a legal service provided by solicitors, McNally Jones Staff. This service extends beyond any work-related issues where you may require the services of a solicitor.

The first consultation is free.

Please note that as a member of the CPSU NSW you are entitled to a free standard Will.

Services provided include workers’ compensation claims (*please contact MSC for a workers’ compensation referral); discrimination claims; superannuation disability claims; income protection claims; general insurance claims; deceased estates and claims; motor vehicle and general accidents; criminal law; driving offences; relationship disputes, including de facto and same sex relationship disputes; employment law; defamation; commercial law; etc.

McNally Jones Staff have lawyers who are accredited specialists in employment and industrial law, and personal injury law.

To make an appointment, call 9233 4744 and quote your CPSU NSW membership number.

Note: Legal representation of  CPSU NSW members for work related matters must be referred to CPSU NSW industrial staff in the first instance by contacting the Member Support Centre. If a lawyer is required, legal representation is then arranged and paid for by CPSU NSW through your Industrial Officer.