Cancer Support by Osara Health

Osara Health is transforming the way we provide cancer care by empowering people and organisations affected by cancer to thrive using expertise, empathy and technology. Participants gain access to digital tools, dedicated health coaching and evidence-based educational resources, assisting them to feel supported, informed and in control of health outcomes and their wellbeing.

 Cancer Coach by Osara: Cancer Coach is an education, support and behaviour change program designed by oncologists to help people take back control of their cancer care and achieve better outcomes.

Cancer Caregivers by Osara: Cancer Caregivers is designed to equip people with the support, information and skills to best look after their loved one living with cancer and improve their clinical outcomes.

Both programs are delivered flexibly and confidentially over 6 – 12 weeks through a mix of telephone calls with a Health Coach, via email and in-app. When you enrol, you will be contacted by a Health Coach who will walk you through everything.

Both members and immediate family members may enrol through:

  • Self-enrolment: Enrol yourself confidentially.
  • Referral by the Association: The Association can refer you directly if you are comfortable sharing with another member of the Association.

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