Thursday, 1 September 2022

CPSU NSW update: Consultation continues with Ability Options on Award expiry arrangements

The CPSU NSW has been meeting with disability providers to protect the pay and conditions of Disability Workers. Affected staff have no guarantee they will not be worse off from the expiry of copied state awards (CLA).

The CPSU NSW has requested meetings with disability providers to commence consultations, thereby securing  meetings with those providers whose CLA first expire from 6 September 2022. To read a copy of our letter to Ability Options click HERE.

The CPSU NSW understands the majority of affected staff with Ability Options on the Mid North Coast will transition to the SCHADS Award when the copied state awards expire on 6 September 2022. We are advised the affected staff at will receive letters this week and will not be asked to sign them.

Ability Options has advised staff that their employment conditions will need to change to ensure compliance with the SCHCDS Award. Ability Options has also advised staff on their pay arrangements and the preservation of Disability Support Workers’ current hourly rate of pay. The Team Leaders are advised their current pay will be preserved until 1 December 2022.

The CPSU NSW advises members to keep all their pay slips and check to see if there has been a reduction in pay. The first full pay period will be close to the week of the 26 September 2020. Please check your pay slip before and after the transition

The CPSU NSW can ensure your pay is protected by pursuing a case for members who find their salary is reduced as a result of the expiry of the CLA. The Fair Work Act provides protection of workers’ pay rates by way of a Take Home Pay Order. Please see the link HERE to our last bulletin for more detail.

As a member of the CPSU NSW you are a member of a strong union that will take action to protect your pay.

The CPSU NSW can only represent its members in a case for a take home pay order. It’s important that you are a CPSU NSW member and that tell your fellow Disability Workers to join their union. It’s in Disability Workers’ best interests to join the CPSU NSW and be represented by a strong union that is prepared to act to protect your pay in such a critical time of change.

The CPSU NSW will continue do everything we can to protect and promote the employment interests of disability services staff in NSW.

For further information, contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679 and ask to speak with one of our dedicated disability services staff.

Don’t risk a pay cut.  Join the CPSU NSW today.

For further information, contact the National Team at the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679.