Thursday, 15 April 2021

Bargaining: The Benevolent Society makes pay offer

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After many months of The Benevolent Society (TBS) not progressing bargaining, 2021 kicked off with your employer reinstituting regular bargaining meetings with the CPSU NSW and other representatives.

The CPSU NSW and TBS have met separately to discuss transferred staff conditions of employment. We have insisted that transferred employee’s conditions are not to be made worse by the terms of the enterprise agreement. 

The CPSU NSW is pleased that we have ensured no pay cuts for transferred employees along with a two per cent pay rise year on year (for the length of the Agreement). 

The following is an overview of the current offer from TBS:

  1. To maintain transferred employees’ salaries, with increases in line with the Agreement.
  2. Employees can elect to increase their hours to 38 hours a week; if so, their salaries will increase to reflect the increase in hours.
  3. If an employee elects to go to a 38-hour work week. TBS will not adjust the employee’s leave accrual to reflect a 38-hour work week. However, the monetary value of the employee’s leave would remain.
  4. Employees who do not move to a 38-hour work week are to be classified as part-time.
  5. For those employees who elect to move to a 38-hour work week, Flex leave will be replaced with the ADO in the Agreement.
  6. Extended leave will be converted at the employee’s current accrual to long service leave, and will accrue from that point at the long service leave rate. The accelerated rate which extended leave accrues after your first 10 years of service will not continue.
  7. Sick leave will accrue at 10 days a year.
  8. Ten days’ paid domestic violence leave.
  9. Paid parental leave of nine weeks, which is reduced from 14 weeks. However, it is extended to both males and females.

We remain disappointed with TBS’s position that employees who remain on a 35-hour work week will not have access to an ADO. We encourage members to convey to TBS their disappointment in this position; members can use CPSU NSW template HERE.

The CPSU NSW and TBS remain in discussions, with the next bargaining meeting scheduled for 22 April 2021.

If you would like to provide the CPSU NSW with your views on TBS’s proposal, you can call 1300 772 679 or email .

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