Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Northcott: day programs and cease unsafe work

As a result of the serious and imminent risk posed by participants being supported or transported to attend day programs, the union advised its members on 31 March 2020 of their right to cease unsafe work. You can view that bulletin HERE.

Many members have proceeded to lodge cease unsafe work notifications with Northcott.

The union is the elected representative for the members who lodge the cease unsafe work notifications. As their representative we have sought the involvement of SafeWork NSW.

A SafeWork Inspector has been assigned and last week issued Northcott with a Section 155, notice under the Work Health and Safety Act. This notice requires Northcott to produce information which shows how Northcott has assessed the associated risks and sought to manage the risks. Northcott is required to produce this information by Thursday 9 April 2020.

Northcott and the union have met since the SafeWork NSW inspector has been assigned. Northcott has maintained it is meeting all its legal obligations in having the staff support and/or transport the clients to attend the day programs.

If you have not placed a cease unsafe work notification, and have a reasonable concern that the transporting and/or supporting of clients to attend day programs poses a serious and imminent risk to their health safety, the union encourages you to complete and sign the cease unsafe work template and send it to Northcott.

You can find the cease unsafe work template HERE.

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