Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Union concerns with personal device usage and the MYGovID process: UPDATE

Device Udpate – March 2020 (PDF version)

This bulletin is an update to members from our 13 March bulletin last week in which the union directed members to continue to hold out on using your personal smart phones to create a myGovID despite what TAFE management tells you, if you so choose.

TAFE has now responded to CPSU NSW correspondence on this matter following threatened industrial disputation, yesterday.

The TAFE is still preparing its official response. That will be with us by today Wed 18 March, but in the meantime it has advised the union that:

TAFE will not be mandating that staff utilise their personal mobile phones to perform this work, however, if they are comfortable in doing so that is permitted and helpful in the circumstances.

Whether TAFE has changed its position or not, is not clear, however:

  • this message, we know, has not been properly communicated to all staff when it needs to be, with urgency
  • If there is no effective alternative to staff having to utilise their phones, then the above statement is meaningless
  • TAFE needs to now ensure, via an official memo to all affected staff they won’t be treated adversely if they choose not to use their personal smart phones
  • it will also need to ensure that those who choose to not utilise their personal smart phone – will not be treated differently when restructuring occurs later this year.

We will wait for TAFE’s official response tomorrow and follow up.

But in the meantime, the CPSU NSW stands firm against the use of personal smart phones for any work purpose, and TAFE needs to seriously look at what alternatives it can provide to staff ASAP.

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