Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Water NSW Kick-off UEA Roadshow

Water NSW Kick-off UEA Roadshow – October 2018 (PDF version)

WaterNSW representatives will hit the road from Monday to sell the Corporation’s new unified enterprise agreement package.

CPSU NSW bargaining representatives are recommending the deal, which guarantees a 2% annual increase in wages, with additional annual progress (between .5% – 2.2%) and bonus pay (up to 1.8% in Year 1 and 3.6% in Years 2 and 3) also available.

The salary package builds on the 3.3% (2017) and 3.5% (2018) increases secured by the CPSU NSW and is a substantial improvement on the Corporation’s previous offer, which was comprehensively rejected by staff in December 2017.

Other notable features of the proposal include enforceable redundancy entitlements in-line with the NSW public sector, compensation for staff transitioning from a 35 to 36 hour week and the ability for staff to have disputes about job evaluation independently determined by the Fair Work Commission.

At the Roadshow, members are strongly encouraged to:

  • Ask questions!
  • Read those policies which underpin the agreement and the literature provided by WaterNSW on the intranet
  • Seek information on how the bonus system works
  • Discuss how the flexible work arrangements will work for you

You can submit feedback from the Roadshow directly to our bargaining team via .

What happens next?

A copy of the final draft enterprise agreement for your information can be found HERE.

For those available, we will hold an information session via teleconference on Monday, 5 November at 12:00pm-1pm.

Teleconference: Dial 1300 153 643 and enter this Conference ID 742104.

Otherwise, members are invited to email our bargaining team with any questions on:

Andrew Harrison

Scott Butler

Richard Wheatley

Thane Pearce

Following the teleconference, we’ll invite members to vote on the proposed enterprise agreement.

We’ll do this using Survey Monkey (more information to follow).

If a majority of CPSU NSW members vote in favour of the agreement, we will write to WaterNSW to formally endorse the proposal.

We’ll also encourage a YES vote when the agreement is put to all staff.

If a majority of CPSU NSW members vote against the agreement, we’ll advise WaterNSW of the outcome and seek to reconvene bargaining. We’ll also encourage staff to vote against the agreement.

United we bargain, divided we beg!