Friday, 12 October 2018

Disability Sector news

Disability Sector news – October 2018 (PDF version)

With PSA (CPSU NSW) members having transferred to different private disability providers, CPSU NSW members within each employer regularly get updates about what is happening in their workplaces. However, members in other areas have reported they are interested in knowing what is happening to their colleagues across the sector. Below are the latest member updates sent to various areas in the disabilities sector. Your union will be sending these out every week or two, so please keep an eye out for them. You can help your union by printing off a copy for your colleagues and ask at least one person today to JOIN the CPSU NSW. Together, we are all stronger and divided we fall.

If you are interested in knowing more about your workplace rights, and the future of your pay and conditions, you can invite one of your CPSU NSW (PSA) Organisers to your next team meeting or to visit your workplace during lunch. Please contact us at to request a visit from one of our Organisers anywhere across the state.

The Benevolent Society – Restructuring Joint Consultative Committees

Your CPSU NSW has been trying to continue the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meetings with The Benevolent Society (TBS) for a few months now. We had a meeting planned for 6 August, as had been indicated at the completion of the previous consultative meeting held on 21 May 2018, but the August meeting didn’t go ahead.

We received a letter on Friday 28 September 2018 inviting us to attend a “round table” with BA:DS and three other unions. Your CPSU NSW has not agreed to nor provided feedback to TBS’s proposed “round table”. Your union asserts that any “round table” would be in addition to, and not replacing, any JCC as required under your copied state award.

Australian Unity Enterprise Bargaining – October 2018

The latest enterprise bargaining meeting for Australian Unity was held on 4 October 2018.

CPSU NSW had a great response to our last survey about your hours of work.

These responses have informed our bargaining and will continue to direct your union’s position.

HWNS Team leader shift work update

As many of you would be aware, the CPSU NSW sent out a bulletin regarding Team Leaders being forced to work penalty shifts as HWNS believes this is in accordance with clause 3(ii) of the copied state award.

The CPSU NSW has notified HWNS that we are formally under dispute under the copied state award and therefore, as was already agreed, there should be no disciplinary action or threat of disciplinary action until we resolve the matter.

Disability Sector – Paid Union Training Leave

With increased interest in union activities in the disability sector, CPSU NSW has established a training course for members wanting to represent employees in enterprise bargaining negotiations.

Did you know Paid Trade Union Training Leave is available to you under your Copied State Award if you wish to attend?