Monday, 20 August 2018

Vote YES to the new UTS Enterprise Agreement

Vote YES to the new UTS Enterprise Agreement – August 2018 (PDF version)

On 27 July, CPSU NSW members voted unanimously to endorse the new Enterprise Agreement, which will see a number of fantastic improvements to your working conditions.

From 20 August-22 August, the university will be conducting an all-staff ballot to approve the new Agreement. Please make sure you read the voting instructions carefully, and you remember to vote.

Despite a concerted push from management, the new Agreement will see no loss of existing entitlements. Positive gains for UTS Professional Staff include:

  • 2%pa pay increase (paid twice-yearly as 1% in May and 1% in November)
  • Twice-yearly consultation meetings with University Management
  • 20 paid days of Domestic Violence Leave
  • 17% Superannuation for all fixed-term staff from 2020
  • Reference to Working From Home Policy captured within the EA
  • Improvements to fixed-term and casual conversion
  • Extended Redeployment for Professional Staff HEW 7 and below (now 20 weeks)
  • Commitment to ongoing employment as the preferred mode of employment captured in EA
  • New post-restructure implementation review process added to Change Management
  • Increased Union training leave (now 10 days)
  • Non-gendered Primary Carer Leave replaces Maternity Leave
  • New Social Justice Leave category added to FACS Leave
  • Additional $500,000pa held in a central fund for “next-level” Professional Staff training and development.

Your CPSU NSW bargaining team has worked hard over many months to secure what we believe is a good outcome for members and Professional Staff. We therefore encourage you to VOTE YES for the new UTS Enterprise Agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact your CPSU NSW bargaining team:

Rosa Bow

Greg Hampshire

Mark Christopher

Jen Mitchell – Industrial Officer