Thursday, 31 May 2018

New Western Sydney University Enterprise Agreement – Celebration and Launch Event

New Western Sydney University Enterprise Agreement – Celebration and Launch Event – May 2018 (PDF version)

On 25 May, Fair Work approved the new WSU Professional Staff Agreement. It officially comes into force on 1 June 2018. You can download a copy HERE.

To celebrate, CPSU NSW is throwing a ‘Launch Lunch’ for members. We couldn’t have done it without you, so please join us at Kingswood as we pay thanks.

  • When: Monday, 4 June
  • Time: 12pm-1pm
  • Where: Kingswood
  • Room: Building O, Level 1, Room 9.

And, boy, do we have a lot to celebrate! Through our efforts, CPSU NSW was able to secure the following wins for WSU Professional Staff:

  • Salary maintenance for staff who elect to be redeployed to a position 1 HEW level below their substantive position will be increased from 12 months to 2 years.
  • Extended redeployment for professional staff at HEW levels 6 and below to 20 weeks, with 12 weeks to be deducted from an employee’s severance payment if redeployment is unsuccessful and employment ceases on the ground of redundancy.
  • 17% superannuation for all fixed-term employees from their date of commencement of employment, from 2019 onwards.
  • Pay Increases:
    • $500 sign-on bonus (paid before Christmas 2017)
    • 1% administrative payrise in January 2018
    • 2% salary increases each year for the 4 years of the Agreement (paid in March)
    • $500 sign-off bonus in December 2020
  • Maintenance of a separate Professional Staff agreement
  • Maintenance of current conditions in the face of a slash-and-burn onslaught from University Management. There will be no loss of entitlements, and nothing moved into policy.
  • All existing review and appeal committees and mechanisms will be retained
  • No clauses will be deleted (WSU had wanted to remove: Coverage, Availability, Terms of Engagement, Flexible Work Provisions, Job Security and Abandonment of Employment)
  • The Position Descriptors will remain unchanged
  • Retention of entitlements relating to Union Representation
  • A vastly superior Workloads clause.
  • An additional 6 weeks of Partner Leave, as well as a 10-week extension to phased return to work following Maternity Leave
  • 10 days of paid Domestic & Family Violence Leave
  • The ability to apply to work from home
  • Increased funding for Professional Staff development ($4.6M pa)
  • Clearer Position Descriptions, and improved mechanisms to apply for a re-classification
  • An end to Broadbanding– no new broadbanded positions will be created, and transition arrangements will be in place staff in currently broadbanded positions.

See you all at Kingswood on Monday!

CPSU NSW is the union for Professional Staff at WSU.

We are stronger together.

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Please note:
CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body for, and resources and manages, the CPSU NSW.