UNSW Professional Staff enterprise bargaining update

UNSW Professional Staff enterprise bargaining update – 13 May 2015 (PDF version)

Settlement proposal

Dear PSA/CPSU Members

On 8 April, the PSA/CPSU met with members to seek endorsement of the proposed ‘Settlement Proposal’ which would finalise the conditions of employment and pay claim for Professional Staff. This package was endorsed by PSA/CPSU members, with the understanding that there was some wriggle room for finalisation.

The meeting of members endorsed the pay claim of 3.5% a year for 3 years, rejected the offer from the University of 3% a year and gave the PSA/CPSU bargaining team authorisation to negotiate an outcome between those two ranges.

However, a final settlement package was agreed by the other unions which included the 3% pay offer from the University. This means that the PSA/CPSU needs to confirm with members if this final offer is acceptable.

The full draft agreement and the pay offer can be found on our website.

If members are happy to support the offer of 3% a year, please let us know through this survey no later than Monday 18 May.


The agreement will then be put out to a vote of all Professional Staff before going to the Fair Work Commission to be approved.

Your PSA/CPSU Bargaining Team