Fair Go Serco



The Clarence Correctional Centre is the largest prison in Australia and the biggest employer in Grafton.

A huge correctional facility running on the outskirts of town, hiring about 500 locals, should be a massive bonus for the Grafton business community. Sadly, though, the centre is operated by Serco, a multinational listed on the UK Stock Exchange, which pays the lowest wages for Correctional Officers in the country.

While Grafton business have probably had to tighten their belts over the past few years, the same does not go for Serco’s Australian arm, which made an after-tax profit of more than $40 million in 2021.

All the CPSU NSW is asking that our members who have helped generate that profit have some of it returned to them, and in turn you, the community that was to benefit from Serco’s operations.

We want a Fair Go from Serco.