Thursday, 30 May 2024

CPSU NSW Update for Newcastle University Members

The CPSU NSW is wanting to update members on issues raised post endorsement of your Enterprise Agreement. The CPSU NSW is planning member meetings to discuss issues face to face in the first instance.

Issues like Life Leave are being treated differently throughout the University and the CPSU NSW wants to hear how it is being managed in your area.

CPSU NSW will be on Callaghan Campus on 18 June 2024, and Ourimbah Campus 20 June 2024 with Regional Organiser Ian Braithwaite and your CPSU NSW delegates available to meet with members individually or collectively during these days. Ian will also be working at the Union office on these days.

The whole membership meetings are from 12pm to 2pm at the following locations.


18 June 2024Callaghan Campus

Room V104 from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm


20 June 2024Ourimbah Campus

Library Meeting Room IRC1.08 from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm


Please find the time to attend one of these meetings or catch up with Ian during the day.

We would also like to introduce our current Delegates who sat through negotiations and represented you during this period to gain the best outcomes for CPSU NSW members. The Delegates are also able and willing to assist members in their day-to-day work life with any issues or concerns members have.

Please get to know Mark Smith, Zain Hamid, and Shell Dillon, who all work closely with the CPSU NSW and have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to issues with our members at both Callahan and Ourimbah Campus.

As an introduction, please see the following details regarding your delegates, their position, and locations at Newcastle University, and please find time to introduce yourself.

Mark Smith

Greetings comrades,

I am located on the Callaghan Campus in the D – Building.

I can be contacted in MS Teams, Zoom by phone at +61 2 49 854 222, Ext: 54222 and by emailing   or .

Note that emails to this address are treated with the strictest confidence. However, they can be viewed by all University of Newcastle CPSU delegates and official union representatives.

I am a proud Wijabul wia-bul man of the Bunjalung nation from Lismore, NSW. I have been an active member of the CPSU/PSA Since 2006, from 2017, acting as your delegate. In collaboration with the NTEU representative during the 2014 enterprise bargaining, I successfully negotiated the implementation of the Employment Committee and Language and Cultural leave entitlements as the CPSU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegate.

As one of your delegate representatives during the most recent round of Enterprise Bargaining, I am proud to have contributed to advancing workplace equity and inclusivity for all staff members.

Zain Hamid

Hi, my name is Zain Hamid.
I mostly nest in DTS – D Building.
Contact me on Ph: 49854229 Ext: 54229 or Email: or
I am a Delegate Representative for the CPSU for Callaghan and participate in Enterprise Bargaining and the Staff Consultative Committee.
I am the Client Support Coordinator for the Service Desk in DTS.
I am on Callaghan Campus Monday through Friday generally available from 8am to 5pm.

I joined the CPSU during a restructure. Although I was fortunate in securing a desired role, I took the opportunity to step up when it was offered to me to become a delegate, as I understand not everyone will have a desirable outcome. I want to offer support and options to those who need someone to stand in their corner.

Shell Dillon

Hi, my name is Shell Dillon.
Location: Science Lab 1, Southern end of Ourimbah, Oral Health Clinic
Phone: 0406966760 or Email:
Delegate for CPSU, on the Enterprise Bargaining Team and Staff Consultative Committee.
I’m a sterilisation technician within the BOHT program. We run a free Oral health clinic out of Science Lab 1.
I’m on campus Monday through Friday.

Your CPSU NSW team is here to listen to your concerns and help you however we can. We also want to share with you the fantastic benefits of Union membership. So, we invite you to come along and meet our friendly team.

Senior Industrial Officer
Lisa Nelson

Ian Braithwaite
or 0400 859 630

Mark Smith
Whole of University

Zain Hamid

Shell Dillon