Wednesday, 20 March 2024

TAFE: CPSU NSW meets with Minister

The CPSU NSW met with Steven Whan, Minister for Skill, TAFE and Tertiary Education yesterday at Parliament House to discuss where the allocated $300 million will be spent.

Acting General Secretary Troy Wright highlighted the need to bring issues to the Minister where our members believed the money should be spent.  Julie Bond, Industrial Manager and Lisa Nelson, Senior Industrial Officer gave a broad overview of issues raised through the union, including the lack of a fully functioning emergency management system and all it entails, air conditioning and leaking buildings and lack of security staff.

Departmental Committee Chair Brook Down highlighted the specific need to fix issues in Port Macquarie CHED campus, some of which have been outstanding for over four years.

The Minister assured the delegation that he would investigate those issues and he discussed the conversations with TAFE on the importance of open dialogue with the union.

The minister also informed the party that he would be visiting the Port Macquarie site on Tuesday 26 March.