Thursday, 25 May 2023

Consultation period: Life Without Barriers Master Roster changes

The CPSU NSW has attended the Life Without Barriers (LWB) Master Roster Review Town Hall meetings and has had further meetings with LWB in relation to the proposed changes to Master Rosters.

The consultation period of three days has commenced, and most members will have had their first meeting with their DSL.

We encourage members to provide feedback about their current work/life arrangements, including caring responsibilities, secondary employment, study or other personal commitments.

LWB has said it encourages staff to raise these issues as part of the consultation process.

As always, the CPSU NSW encourages members to fully engage with the consultation process and actively ask questions of management if you have any.

You can contact our Member Support Centre on 1800 772 679.

CPSU NSW staff

Industrial officer
Xanthe Thomson

Vivette Horrex
Alex Sala
Mel Coombes