Monday, 13 March 2023

Parklea Enterprise Agreement update: Vote NO

As you may know, MTC has put an offer out to a vote. This is the same offer that was overwhelmingly rejected by members only a few weeks ago.

It is worth considering (and appreciating) how far we’ve come. MTC’s very first offer, which was tabled in the middle of last year, was a measly two per cent. This was bumped up to 2.5 per cent, and then to 3.25 per cent, 3.15 per cent and three per cent in the first, second and third years respectively – but only after members participated in the second stoppage. The only reason that current offer is above 2.5 per cent is because union members fought for a higher wage increase.

It is true that MTC did not offer more after the third stoppage. However, this does not mean there is no more money. MTC has consistently said there is ‘no more money’, yet it has miraculously managed to find more funds when put under pressure.

The union is recommending that all members vote NO to the current offer. Members have participated in three stoppages now, and have been involved in one of the biggest industrial action campaigns in our union’s recent history. We have not come this far to accept a sub-par offer from MTC. To be clear, a ‘no’ vote does not mean that our next step after the vote will be further industrial action. What a ‘no’ vote will do is force MTC back to the table. A ‘no’ vote may also mean that discussions are resumed with a new government in charge – one that is less sympathetic towards MTC than the current government. If MTC refuse to come to the table, then the union will seek the assistance of the Fair Work Commission in resolving the dispute over wages.

As always, however, the union is interested in knowing how members feel about the offer and it being put to out a vote despite having been previously rejected. If you can complete our survey, that would be great. You will find the survey HERE. All union surveys are anonymous, which is why we don’t request that members include their name and contact details when completing them.

The union will continue to run a ‘no’ campaign, as was requested by members in the last survey. We will be in touch regularly over the coming week and a half, so keep an eye out for communications. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Mark Ward, Brian Kirk, Kim Villanti or Jess Epps.