Monday, 13 March 2023

Life Without Barriers restructure notice

On 7 March 2023 Life Without Barriers (LWB) notified affected staff and the union of a change management plan, the Frontline Leadership Change Brief. The proposed implementation date is 10 April 2023.

This commences consultation under clause 8 of the Social Community Home Care and Disability Services Award 2020 (the SCHADS Award).  The CPSU NSW and its Delegates have requested to meet with LWB weekly to discuss the change and will be updating members on the consultations.

LWB has provided to Disability Support Leader (DSL) position description for consultation. This role replaces the current Team Leader and Coordinator role. A DSL can work across and up to three SIL homes.

The CPSU NSW is advised of the following:

  • There are 25 DSL positions and 61 affected Team Leader and Coordinator positions (42 substantive and 19 acting positions). Team Leaders will be salary maintained. Acting team leaders will be salary maintained until implementation of the new structure. DSWs will be salary maintained at the DSW rate.
  • Affected staff have been asked to attend 1:1 meeting with the ROM and a people and culture representative. You may also bring the union to your 1:1 as support person. You can also put any questions to them in writing where LWB will develop  FAQs.
  • The meetings are to have discussions with affected employees, the proposed change and the likely effect on employee and the measures that are being taken to avoid or reduce the adverse effects of the change.
  • You are not being asked to sign anything or make any final decisions, but to gather information, ask questions so you are informed about the process prior to making any decisions.
  • LWB has advised if affected staff would like to be redeployed into a DSL position there will be an assessment process and affected staff will be notified of the outcome of that assessment in the next two weeks.
  • LWB has advised if redeployment is not an option or there is no comparable position available then redundancy may be available. Redundancy will be paid in accordance with the SCHADS Award.
  • There will also be a second round of 1:1 meeting with the ROM and a people and culture representative. Please contact the CPSU NSW if you have questions or need a support person to attend your meeting.

The CPSU NSW will continue to do everything we can to protect and promote the employment interests of disability services staff in NSW.

For further information, contact the CPSU NSW on 1300 772 679 and ask to speak with one of our dedicated disability staff.

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