Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Parklea Enterprise Agreement update

You might have seen that MTC has delayed the vote on the Enterprise Agreement (EA).

When a company puts an EA out to vote, there must be an ‘access period’. This is the seven-day period prior to a vote occurring, where employees are given the opportunity to read the EA before deciding whether to support or reject it. A requirement of access period is that employees are given a copy of the EA. This is one of the most critical elements of the access period for very obvious reasons, because employees cannot vote on something that they’ve not seen or had the opportunity to read.

The union contacted MTC yesterday, as we had noticed that employees had not been given a copy of the EA. Hence, the vote has ben delayed, and MTC has advised it will commenced the access period next Monday. Again.

During conversations with MTC over the past 24 hours, the union proposed a counteroffer: 3.75 per cent per annum and a $2000 sign-on bonus. This was rejected by MTC.

The only way that we will be able to achieve this outcome, which is fair and reasonable (and less than what union members initially asked for) is by voting NO to the EA. This will force MTC back to the table, and make it clear that it needs to offer more in order to get the EA across the line. It doesn’t mean more industrial action is necessary; rather, it will send a clear message to MTC it will need to sweeten the deal so that employees accept it.

The union will be in touch over the next week, but it is worth remembering this: we have come this far, and our fight shouldn’t be in vain. MTC have continuously said, “There is no more money in the bucket.” Yet it seems to come up with more money when put under pressure.

The union believes  3.75 per cent per year and a $2000 sign-on bonus is fair, and that we can achieve this if members oppose MTC’s offer. Vote NO to the EA for a fair wage increase.