Tuesday, 28 February 2023

UPDATE: 72-hour stoppage going ahead

As you know, MTC advised employees yesterday it would be putting the Enterprise Agreement (EA) out to a vote, regardless of the fact it was advised in no uncertain terms that a clear majority of employees had rejected the offer. MTC has once again demonstrated it does not care about their staff, it does not listen, and it has  no respect for its employees or the union.

Your union surveyed members yesterday afternoon, and the results were overwhelming. In fact, this survey more members respond to it than any other survey the union has put out (to any workplace, and not just surveys sent out to Parklea members). Members have definitively stated that they want to proceed with this week’s action, and that they will be voting no to MTC’s offer when the vote commences.

On this basis, this week’s 72-hour strike will continue as planned. This means that the stoppage commences at 0600 tomorrow morning and finishes at 0600 on Saturday.

MTC deciding to put the EA out to a vote prior to a stoppage is one of the oldest, and most boring, industrial tactics in the book. Not only was its pittance of an offer rejected by employees, but the company is arrogant enough to think it will get it over the line if it puts it out a second time. Clearly, the results from the survey are indicative of how this vote will go: more than 90 per cent of members have stated they will support the union running a ‘NO’ campaign before the vote commences. We are absolutely confident the EA will not get over the line, as MTC seems to think that it will.

Union members have come this far, and the next three days are incredibly important. MTC thinks it knows how members feel about the offer, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t. You deserve more, you have consistently asked for more, and we will fight until we get more. Participating in the stoppage over the next three days is absolutely critical.

We have reached out to the media, including Ray Hadley, about the stoppage, meaning that the coverage will be as good (if not better) than the last one. All that matters now is that you don’t go to work over the next 72 hours, and that you turn up to the BBQ and rally we are holding. We will be meeting from 12:00pm onwards on 1 March 2023 (tomorrow) at Davison Reserve (Satinash Street, Parklea NSW 2768). The media will be there as well, so turnout is important! Bring your family, your friends, and your pets.

In the meantime, it is important to remember that the last two stoppages weren’t for nothing, nor should they be in vain. MTC has said this is its best offer. But remember, the company said that about all of its previous offers. Now is the time to show MTC what you’re worth. You are the lowest-paid Correctional Officers in the country: it is time to change that.

If you would like to talk to someone from the union in the meantime, please contact Mark Ward or Brian Kirk. You can also call Jess on 0401 521 561 or Kim on 0408 249 277. Otherwise, we will see you at the BBQ tomorrow!