Thursday, 15 December 2022

Forming a community of unionists in the Riverina

Would you like to meet other Riverina PSA members?

The PSA/CPSU NSW is campaigning for the overturning of the NSW Government’s wages policy, putting an end to privatisation of the NSW public sector and for greater job security for NSW public sector workers.

Nicholas Wright, a PSA/CPSU NSW union Delegate working at TAFE NSW in Leeton, is organising a diverse delegation of PSA/CPSU NSW members to meet with Helen Dalton, the Member for the electorate of Murray. Mr Wright wants to give Ms Dalton our perspective on what the current parliament and any future government should be doing to help our members and their families in the region.

The electorate of Murray can be viewed on this map:

Forming a local community of unionists in Leeton and Narrandera

Many of members have met each other over the years at PSA/CPSU NSW training events but Mr Wright is urging that members be in more regular contact, not only to strategise for election campaigns or industrial matters, but in the long term to rebuild a culture of proud unionism in our towns and villages.

The upcoming generation need to grow up seeing what unions do and how they contribute to the community. They need to see it as normal and right to join a union when they enter the workforce. To make this happen we need to be visible as a community of unionists, holding real picnic days and other events, and making social connections outside of work.

Members living or working in Leeton or Narrandera Shires, are urged to reached out to Mr Wright directly. Currently under our privacy rules, your union can’t just give out your details. However, members can reach Mr Wright on the details below:

Nicholas Wright
0409 691 427

Suggested information to share:

Your name
Employer / Agency & work location
Town or village you live in (or closest to if you’re on a farm!)
Your preferred email contact
Your mobile number

PSA Organiser

Tom Hooper is the hard-working PSA official who is coordinating the campaign across the state. If you are happy to potentially meet with Helen Dalton once this year, Tom will support you and prepare you for that meeting.

Please contact Tom at .

If you just want to be part of the campaign in your local community, Senior Organiser Anne Kennelly can also brief you and provide you with resources to distribute and conversation pointers.

Please contact Anne at.