Thursday, 3 November 2022

CPSU NSW update: UTS Enterprise Agreement Bargaining

The CPSU NSW UTS bargaining team reconvened with UTS on 1 November 2022. Whilst the agenda was ambitious, productive discussions were had with management, primarily around issues of pay increases and leave.


At the 6-hour bargaining meeting the parties discussed:

  • Nominal expiration date of the agreement

The CPSU NSW’s log of members’ claims asked UTS for a 4-year agreement. The current offer from UTS is a nominal expiration date of 31 December 2025. The CPSU NSW has agreed in-principle with this offer, however the NTEU has unjustifiably put to UTS a nominal expiration date of 31 March 2025.

This is disappointing as it appears the NTEU is once again politicising issues and aiming to line up the expiration date of this Enterprise Agreement with the expiration of other university agreements to suit their agenda.

The CPSU NSW is not interested in politicising this agreement to delay pay increases.

  • Payrise Offer

Management’s offer currently stands at:

Date Increase
1 May 2023 2%
1 November 2023 2%
1 May 2024 1.5%
1 November 2024 1.5%
1 May 2025 1.5%
1 May 2025 1.5%


This is not enough. Not even close to CPI and the reality facing UTS Professional Staff with inflation.

The pay offer will be reviewed and a response provided to UTS after the CPSU NSW all members’ meeting on Thursday 3 November.

The pay offer was also contingent on an acceptance in cutting members’ entitlements and choices in annual leave accrual, extended closedown periods and gender affirmation leave.

Thankfully, matters have progressed with amendments and compromises offered below.

  • Annual Leave

Previously UTS wanted to cut down your maximum accruable annual leave from 40 days to 20 days, with the ability for managers to dictate the terms and conditions of you taking your leave, including how many days and when you could take it.

At the last all members’ meeting, the response was a resounding NO to UTS’s proposal.

UTS’s latest offer has increased the original offer to a maximum 30 days annual leave accruable, and no minimum amount of leave that must be taken to reduce your annual leave to below 30 days accrued.

  • Extended Closedown Period

Extended closedown periods were never an option for CPSU NSW members.
UTS is now considering its removal entirely following strong opposition from the CPSU NSW bargaining team.

  • Gender Affirmation Leave

UTS are still considering the NTEU’s claim in raising the current offer of 20 days gender affirmation leave. The parties remain apart on whether the leave is per annum or a one-off period of leave.

References to the use of “sick” leave will be re-worded to avoid further stigmatizing those undertaking gender affirmation.

  • Superannuation

The CPSU NSW bargaining team agrees in-principle with UTS’s proposal. The clause is now being delayed by the NTEU who, again, are wanting minor amendments.

Movement has also been made on:

  • Individual Flexibility Arrangements
  • Work from Home clause
  • Fixed-Term Appointment
  • Indigenous Employment Matters

Future Meetings

A three-hour meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 8 November 2022. Clauses scheduled but not discussed on 1 November 2022 will be carried over to this meeting, including:

  • Clause 48 – Probation
  • Clause 16 – Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression
  • Clause 71 – Professional Workload Allocation
  • Clause 73 – Shiftwork
  • Clause 27 – Casual Appointment


EBA negotiations have now reached a critical point. Understandably there is a lot of angst amongst staff as to what UTS’s offer in their email on 19 October 2022 means.

The CPSU NSW will be hosting a second All Members Meeting on Thursday 3 November 2022 at 12:30pm.

Please join us and voice your concerns. Remember, you all have a voice and will all be heard. The stronger your voice, the stronger our resolve.

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The CPSU NSW will explore all available options to push back on UTS’s arbitrary offer.

EBA negotiations have now passed 18 months in duration. Enough is enough.

The CPSU NSW UTS bargaining team remain strongly committed to professional staff issues in a separate Professional Staff enterprise agreement as raised in our members’ Log of Claims.

UTS’s unfortunate pursual of a single enterprise agreement for both Professional and Academic staff has been wrought with difficulties and delayed the settlement of an agreement for Professional Staff.

Join the CPSU NSW Team!

The CPSU NSW is always encouraging members to come on board as workplace delegates to further advance the rights of employees.

Join the fight with a strong, dedicated team committed to representing Professional Staff interests across UTS.

If you are interested in being a delegate or would like more information about the role, you can email   or and put Delegate in the subject line, or call the CPSU NSW.



Andreas Dalman

Gregory Hampshire

Mark Christopher

Michael Cope


Community and Public Sector Union (NSW Branch)