Friday, 28 October 2022

Clarence Enterprise Agreement update

Yesterday, the union put out a survey to members regarding a counteroffer to Serco’s offer earlier in the week. The idea was that, if a majority of members supported the union’s suggestion, then the CPSU NSW would write to Serco and formally advise them as such.

The results are in, and 85 per cent of the membership endorsed the union proposal. Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, as it provided us with guidance and will enable us to write to Serco with the revised offer, which hopefully Serco will consider. The union has formally written to Serco and advised yesterday’s proposed counteroffer was endorsed by the membership. We have also requested that a meeting be organised for next week, so that we can reach a resolution without having to take further industrial action (although this is still on the cards, depending on how Serco reacts to the counteroffer).

Speaking of offers, it’s that time of the week again where the union has no choice but to address dishonest comments made by the General Manager to all employees via email.

Serco put the revised offer to the union on Tuesday morning. During the meeting, the CPSU NSW made it very clear that we believed that touching the overtime and public holiday rates would be an issue for members. Lo and behold, it was an issue for members. That said, the union agreed – in good faith – to put the offer out to members prior to the 48-hour stoppage.

For Serco to turn around and state that ‘the offer was well received’ and that ‘it is unfortunate that the information now being shared by the CPSU tells a different story’ is disingenuous and a complete misrepresentation of both the meeting and the decision-making process for your Enterprise Agreement. Members didn’t like the offer, and Serco was made aware of that fact because the union informed it as such. That’s it.

Back to the counteroffer: we will advise all members as soon as Serco responds to our formal correspondence and will let members know whether Serco indicate its willingness to continue negotiating or not. If Serco tables anything at our next meeting, you will be the first to know and will (of course) have the final say.

As per usual, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with the union by sending an email to , , , or . You can also call Jess on 0401 521 561 or Kim on 0408 249 277.