Tuesday, 18 October 2022

CPSU NSW update: Aware Super

The CPSU NSW team has welcomed a new Industrial Officer and Organiser to fight for members at Aware Super.

Industrial Officer Michael Cope encourages any member to reach out at any time about any workplace matter.

Alex Sala has also joined the team as the CPSU NSW Organiser for Aware.

Consultation: Major Workplace Change

The CPSU NSW met on 17 October 2022 with the Management of Aware Super to discuss proposed major workplace changes in the Advice Division (Member and Client Servicing).

The “consultation” briefing took place with Peter Hogg (Head of Advice Experiences & Enhancements), Lisa Ottavi (Senior People Partner), Gus Lancaster (Senior Manager, Employee Relations), CPSU NSW Organiser Alex Sala and CPSU VIC Industrial Officer Mandy Coulson.

The proposed changes include, but are not limited to, centralising regional Member Servicing office calls to the MST, increasing the MST team, the introduction of new roles in client servicing – Advice Implementation Specialist and Senior Advice Implementation Specialist roles, and the merging of MSO and CSO roles.

Overall no redundancies have been proposed. However, an Expression of Interest (EOI) scheme was announced, open to any employees who wished to move departments in the restructure, with any unsuccessful candidate retaining their current positions.

Disappointingly, Aware Super provided information about changes it intended to implement prior to any actual consultation with the CPSU NSW and has potentially failed its consultation obligations under the Enterprise Agreement.

The timeline for our response and the implementation of the changes is far too short – being only one week – to get feedback from our members on the proposed changes. The CPSU NSW will hold an all-member- meeting to discuss the changes and will also pursue an extension to the implementation timeline.

Members’ meeting

Please join us and give us your opinions on the proposed changes or email the CPSU NSW Aware Super team as soon as possible. Details are below. All members and non-members are welcome to join. We encourage any non-members to join up with the CPSU NSW so we can fight for you now and in the future.

Microsoft Teams meeting
Thursday 20 October 2022

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 424 112 896 625
Passcode: WywgXD

Join the CPSU NSW Team!

The CPSU NSW is always encouraging members to come on board as workplace delegates to further advance the rights of employees.

Join the fight with a strong, dedicated team committed to representing Professional Staff interests across Aware Super.

If you are interested in being a delegate or would like more information about the role, you can email or and put Delegate in the subject line, or call the CPSU NSW.