Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Bargaining update: TAFE Managers’ Enterprise Agreement

The CPSU NSW has recently started negotiating with TAFE in relation to the TAFE Commission of NSW TAFE Managers Enterprise Agreement 2022. 

At the first meeting that the union had with TAFE, TAFE indicated it was bound by the NSW Public Sector Wages Policy and was thus bound by the so-called wages cap – the 2.53 per cent maximum pay increase available to public servants under the Wages Policy. This is what TAFE has also stated to those employees covered by the TAFE Admin Enterprise Agreement.

On this basis, TAFE proposed that a short-term, 12-month Enterprise Agreement (EA) is discussed, as the Wages Policy may be abolished should a new government be elected in NSW. It will be up to members to decide whether they are happy to accept a 12-month EA in order to recommence bargaining in less than 12 months’ time when the NSW Public Sector Wages Policy no longer dictates how much money the union can ask for in negotiations.

However, in the first bargaining meeting, TAFE stated it expected members covered by the Managers’ EA to wait until January 2023 to get their pay increase. TAFE argued this was necessary on the basis that, in 2019, the teachers received a 0.3 per cent pay increase and it was now time for TAFE Managers to “take one for the team”.

TAFE was advised by the union in no uncertain terms that this was an absolutely preposterous argument and would never be accepted by us We will continue negotiating with TAFE in good faith, but the union has made clear – and will continue to make clear – that TAFE Managers will not, and should not, wait until January 2023 to receive a pay increase on the basis that a different cohort received a lesser increase three years ago. This is particularly so given that the CPSU NSW approached TAFE more than six months ago and requested to commence negotiations because the EA expired last year. However, your union was told to wait because there were other EAs  being negotiated that were considered a priority.

The CPSU NSW will provide an update to members after the next bargaining meeting with TAFE, which is tomorrow. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback regarding the above, please get in touch with the union by calling us on 1300 772 679.