Friday, 7 October 2022


Last week, union members participated in a 24-hour stoppage in support of our campaign for a decent wage offer and better conditions at work. Next week, we’re doing it all again.

On Monday 10 October 2022, there is a stoppage planned from 6am until 6pm. This means that, if you are rostered on for the nightshift on Sunday, you can walk out at 6am on Monday and be lawfully protected in doing so. Any CCO who is rostered to work from 6am onwards on Monday doesn’t have to show up for work at all. If you are rostered for the nightshift on Monday night, then you will still need to turn up to work.

Members who are rostered to finish at 7pm on Monday need to call the union over the weekend on 0401 521 561 or 0408 249 277.

On Monday, there will be no rally like there was last week, but the union will be around the Grafton area to meet up with members. We will send a text out on Sunday with details about the time and location of our meet-up on Monday.

For any type of collective action to be effective, two things are important. The first is the media coverage, and the second is members participating in the action. We have got the media coverage for the day sorted, but we need you all to participate in the stoppage and not go to work. Whether you come and join the union for lunch on Monday is entirely up to you, but for the industrial action to have an impact, your solidarity is absolutely critical.

As always, if you have any questions between now and Monday, you can get in touch with the union by sending an email to , , , or . You can also contact Jess on 0401 521 561 or Kim on 0408 249 277.