Tuesday, 4 October 2022


Last week, union members at CLA participated in a 24-hour stoppage in Grafton in support of our fight for a wage increase that reflects the nature and the value of the work that you do.

Not only was the turnout on the day amazing, but the media coverage of the event went national. You can access some of the coverage by clicking on the following links:

Despite comments being made to the media by Serco that Serco were ‘disappointed’ by our industrial action and had invited the union back to the bargaining table instead, the union had not been formally contacted by Serco to recommence negotiations. The union will write to Serco today or tomorrow to continue bargaining, and see whether they have a revised offer to put on the table that reflects what union members have been asking for.

Regardless of our willingness to continue negotiating in good faith, as we are legally obliged to do, the union has notified Serco of a 12-hour stoppage from 6am on Monday 10 October 2022 through until 6pm on Monday 10 October 2022. This means that anybody rostered from 6am onwards on Monday does not need to turn up to work. Unlike last week, we will not be holding another rally; instead, you can simply not turn up to work unless you are rostered on for the night shift that evening.

We will be sending out more information later in the week via further bulletins and text messages. The union will be in Grafton on Monday to meet up with any members who would like to meet up for lunch, but other than that, you are free to do with your day what you wish. Of course, if Serco responds to the unions requests to meet and/or puts a revised offer on the table, all members will be advised accordingly.

The union’s position with respect to negotiations is that the following claims are paramount to any agreement being reached between the parties:

  1. A pay increase reflecting an hourly rate of $30+ per hour.
  2. The insertion of the Safe Staffing Award into the Enterprise Agreement.
  3. Changes to the meal allowance provisions so as to allow members to choose between receiving the meal allowance or being served a meal on each shift.

If you believe that there is anything else the union should table to Serco before we meet with the company again, then please send an email to , , , or .