Monday, 26 September 2022


Last week, Serco tabled a revised offer to employees. The offer tabled was the same as the last offer (which was overwhelmingly rejected by the membership), with the caveat that all current CCO2s would be appointed to CCO3 upon the EA being voted up. This would have equated to an additional $0.45 an hour, or $4.95 per day (before tax).

The feedback that the union received from members, both in person last week and via the online survey that was sent out, almost unanimously rejected this new offer. It is very clear that members want to be paid at least $30, and that any offer that falls short of this will not be acceptable. The union provided Serco with this feedback this afternoon. We indicated that we are willing to continue bargaining in good faith with Serco moving forward, but that the latest offer was unacceptable.

As a result, the 24-hour strike scheduled for this Friday will be going ahead. The strike is scheduled from 7am on Friday until 7am on Saturday. This means that if you are rostered on Friday 30 September 2022 and have a sign-on time of 7am or later, then you do not need to turn up for work (including the night shift that commences at 7pm that day). If you are rostered to start at 6am on Friday, you will need to show up for your shift at 6am and then leave at 7am (remember, the action is only scheduled from 7am, so any time before this is not lawfully protected). The union will contact everyone who is rostered to start at 6am in the next few days about what you will need to say and do on the day. We have also notified Serco of an overtime ban and a ban on acting duties for the duration of the 24-hour strike, so members are advised not to accept an overtime for the day or to act up as a supervisor if asked by Serco.

On Friday, we will be meeting at the Truck Drivers Memorial Wall (next to the Caltex on Big River Way, which can be accessed via Federation Street) at 9am. We will be having a BBQ and the media will be there, so please make sure that you do not wear your uniform. We will have union t-shirts available for those who are rostered on at 6am and who will need to go to work first and will therefore be in their uniforms. The media will be in attendance on Friday, and you can invite your friends, family, and pets.

The union will also be hosting an all-members meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30pm for anyone who wants to jump online and talk through this week’s strike. You can join this meeting by clicking on the following link: HERE. You will need to register first so please make sure you do so.

The union will be in touch over the course of the week, so please keep an eye out for text messages and bulletins from us. If you need more information or have any concerns, then please call us on 1300 772 670, or send an email to , , or .