Wednesday, 21 September 2022

The Public Sector Needs a Pay Rise: South West Region Campaign Action Group meeting

At the last meeting it was agreed that the PSA ‘s South West Regional Campaign Action Group will coordinate delegations of PSA members to three local MPs to lobby them to support the overturning of the NSW Government’s Wages Policy.

We want to organise for a diverse delegation of PSA/CPSU NSW members to meet with the local members to give our perspective on what the current parliament and any future government should be doing to help our members and their families .

The three MPs and the PSA member leading the delegations are:

Justin Clancy, Member for Albury Emma Pearce  and Peter Ewin 

Helen Dalton, Member for Murray Nicholas Wright

Joe McGirr, Member for Wagga Wagga Suzanne Evans  and Paul Willis 

Meeting details

Wednesday 12 October

Join meeting HERE.


This meeting will discuss logistics such as dates and times, composition of the delegations, what to say, publicity and so forth. If you are interested in being involved it would be great to see you at this meeting, as well as letting Regional Organiser Tom Hooper at and the delegation leaders listed above that your interested.