Wednesday, 17 August 2022

CPSU NSW update: UTS Enterprise Bargaining

Negotiating parties met for three hours on Tuesday 16 August 2022.

New Industrial Officer

The CPSU NSW UTS EB9 bargaining team has a new Industrial Officer. Michael Cope has joined our bargaining team. Welcome, Michael.

Change and redeployment

UTS submitted a redraft of the Change and Redeployment clause dated 11August 2022 following discussion at the previous meeting on 2 August 2022.

UTS has made some changes which were welcomed by the CPSU NSW UTS EB9 bargaining team.

There was an extended conversation over the Redundancy Process Review.

The academic union is determined to maintain a Redundancy Process Review Committee. UTS has a preference for a single external reviewer.

Timeline for future negotiations

UTS raised a concern over the future direction of bargaining. The university is of a view that bargaining should come to a conclusion by October 2022.

The CPSU NSW bargaining team is mindful of members’ concerns of the length of bargaining to date without a substantial salary offer. We wish to conclude bargaining as well.

Resourcing for extra meetings was raised by UTS and discussed by the parties.

The CPSU NSW UTS EB9 bargaining team is looking forward to the day when we can take a satisfactory agreement to our members for review. However, this does not mean the CPSU NSW bargaining team will compromise the aspirations of CPSU NSW members at UTS as expressed in our log of claims.

Future meetings

The next full meeting of bargaining is scheduled for three hours on Tuesday 30 August 2022. A one-hour meeting is scheduled next week to discuss Academic Workload.

For the next meeting:

  • UTS is looking to supply casual workforce data to the parties.
  • UTS will supply a traffic light document of the positions of the bargaining parties on Agreement clauses.

The conversation on Change and Redeployment will continue.


Yours in union,

Michael Cope, Andreas Dalman, Mark Christopher, Rosa Bow and Greg Hampshire

CPSU NSW UTS EB9 Bargaining Team

Community and Public Sector Union (NSW Branch)


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