Thursday, 28 July 2022

Domestic violence leave and the PSA/CPSU NSW

The PSA/CPSU NSW welcomes the Federal Government’s moves to broaden the availability of Domestic Violence Leave to more than 11 million Australian workers, including casuals.

PSA/CPSU NSW members have long had access to such entitlements.

In April 2010, the PSA/CPSU NSW tabled a clause at a forum at the University of NSW calling for 20 days’ special annual leave for employees experiencing domestic violence.

Since then, all Awards and Enterprise Agreements covering our members have incorporated domestic violence leave provisions, including the 2011 landmark victory by our union, forcing the State Government to grant five days’ special leave once other options were exhausted.

Today, State Government employees have access to 10 days’ domestic violence leave, unconditional on what other leave provisions they have used.

The PSA/CPSU NSW congratulates the whole union movement and the Federal Government on prioritising worker safety so early in its first term.