Tuesday, 19 July 2022

ARUMA update: Fitness for Work Form

The CPSU NSW recently wrote to Aruma after receiving emails and calls from concerned members who have been asked to fill out a Fitness for Work Form.

Aruma has advised the CPSU NSW that the Fitness for Work Form is usually undertaken as part of the pre-employment process and that Aruma People Service Centre has been undertaking an internal review of personal files to ensure they have all required information on file.

Aruma management has confirmed that the People Service Centre are not required to ask current staff to complete this form as part of this review.

It is not a mandatory requirement for staff to complete the Fitness for Work Form. Current staff may need to complete this form should a situation arise where there is a need to understand functional capacity (physical and psychological) against the inherent requirements of a disability Support Worker role, in case of accident or injury to ensure the worker presents no risk to residents, other staff or themselves. There may also be risk arising from changing customer profiles as well as any new customers.

The CPSU NSW has requested that Aruma cease the automated email reminders staff have been receiving and advise local managers and auditors responsible to cease this process.

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Sharny Chalmers Industrial Officer

Shane Elliott Organiser