Thursday, 23 June 2022

Update: Voting for your Agreement is OPEN

Vote ‘No’ to secure a better deal


As staff, you are AHPRA’s biggest asset! AHPRA has saved more than $17 million during the pandemic yet they think you are only worth:

  • 5 per cent per annum salary increase. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is currently 5-6 per cent and projected to increase. With an annual increase significantly below CPI, you will experience a real wage decrease and feel the cost of living significantly.
  • $1000 lump sum payment. This is significantly less than the $3000 healthcare workers will receive this year. Over the life of the Agreement, this works out to be approximately $3.40 per week after tax; less than a small coffee!
  • No top of band payment. AHPRA is not willing to include any additional payment for employees at the top of band. These employees are highly skilled and instead of receiving recognition for meeting their PDP they will receive a real wage decrease over this four-year offer. This could impact 64 per cent of the workforce by 2026.

AHPRA presents itself as “preferred employer”, yet it has reduced your existing conditions:

  • Personal leave will be accrued on a pro rata basis instead of the current process; having the 18 days’ entitlement allocated and accessible on the when commencing employment and on every anniversary date thereafter
  • Band 9 salary range will be reduced by $24,000. AHPRA has argued that individual contracts are more suitable for those on a total (base + super) package above $200,000.  This disadvantages career options for existing and potential staff which may undermine AHPRA ’s ability to hire and retain senior specialist/professional staff.  We think all staff should be covered by the Enterprise Agreement and have an interest in the collective benefits.
  • The Potential Criminal Conduct Clause introduced in this offer impedes on procedural fairness. Under this provision, AHPRA can place an employee on leave without pay when facing criminal charges or under investigation prior to a conviction in a court of law.

You have the power to influence your working conditions – Vote NO to make sure you are not locked into these substandard conditions for four years.

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