Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Bargaining continues at UTS

As bargaining continues at UTS, parties met yesterday to discuss conditions for professional staff.

The university initially proposed to do away with the 7:00am-7:00pm span of hours for day shift Professional Staff, offering penalties only to shift workers who work outside these hours. The union objected, citing flexible work option as a way to give flexibility to workers who need it without disadvantaging those who don’t. The university ultimately agreed to maintain, or narrow, the span of hours.

Bargaining has been slowly and steadily progressing with the university attempting to simplify the current agreement. However, this may come at the expense of entitlements fought for in previous rounds of bargaining. The CPSU NSW has been fighting for Professional Staff to maintain and improve their pay and working conditions based on the Log of Claims drafted by CPSU NSW members. But we can only accomplish this with the support of our members.

Our bargaining power is directly connected to our membership. If someone you know is not yet a member, join them up today at If you have any questions, please contact your Industrial Officer, Elise Esquenazi, by calling 1300 773 679.