Wednesday, 11 May 2022

TAFE agrees to CPSU NSW request

TAFE has agreed to our request for more time to submit a ‘Request for Review’ regarding your position in the new Tranche 2 structure.

Your feedback and that of your delegates made it clear to us that the Managing Director and the Minister signed off on a very sloppy Tranche 2 restructure document. For example:

  • Links to Position Descriptors (PDs) in organisation chart point the different grades of PDs on the intranet.
  • Organisational charts and reporting lines have been changed after the announcement.
  • Reporting lines are unclear. For example, the organisational chart indicates staff report to the Senior Librarian at that location. PDs, however, indicate a flat structure with all staff reporting to Library Network Leads.
  • There are also asterisks on the organisation chart have two possible meanings: Aboriginal Target Positions and referring to an Annexure document.
  • The change management plan says there are no Library Technician Grade 2 positions in the final structure the ‘Team Leader Resources’ position in the org chart (pg. 16) goes to a PD that says, ‘Library Technician Grade 2’.
  • According to TAFE, the number of enrolments determines whether a Library manager is a Grade 1 or Grade; however, this principle has not been applied consistently
  • Some managers are informing staff to opt out of Strathfield as a location.

Your union provided TAFE with a very extensive and considered submission to the Tranche 2 restructure and offered to work with TAFE to come up with a structure that would meet the needs of TAFE, our members a student. Whilst TAFE incorporated some of the feedback that we gave, there were also large portions, such as around maintaining the principles of pay equity and retaining library assistants as a truly entry level position, which were ignored.

We know that this situation is leading to stress and confusion amongst our members who are not able to make informed decisions about our future. As such, we will be requesting to meet urgently with TAFE to resolve matters in order to achieve the best possible outcome for CPSU NSW members.