Wednesday, 4 May 2022

NSW Land Registry Services amends contracts following consultation with the CPSU NSW

The NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) has adopted a number of positive amendments to the company’s proposed new employment contracts following intervention from the CPSU NSW.

The intention of the new employment contracts is to provide transferred staff with certainty around their employment arrangements ahead of the expiry of the Copied State Award. The new contracts protect core employment conditions, including remuneration, hours of work, recreation and extended leave, personal (sick) leave, parental leave and flex time. Importantly, LRS has also confirmed that incremental salary progression will be built into the contracts of those staff who are not yet at the top of their grade.

More generally, the employment contracts provide certainty around future increases in salary, by maintaining the link between annual general increases and the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review Decision (AWRD) each year for the next three years. The AWRD has deliver consistently competitive increases in salaries when measured against the Wage Price Index in both the public and private sectors.

In the absence of the new employment contract, once the Copied State Award expires on 30 June 2022 the conditions of employment of NSW LRS staff will revert to the inferior conditions under the Clerks Award.

The CPSU NSW will continue to advocate for a collective agreement for all LRS staff that provides equal pay and conditions for work of equal value. We will continue to push for this over the next three years.

As members will be aware, there are still a number of transferred staff who are not members of the CPSU NSW. The improvements we have negotiated here will also benefit them. These were only achievable because of the CPSU NSW’s dedicated Legal Services team. Please don’t hesitate to remind your colleagues that it pays to be union!

Finally, if you have any questions in relation to your contract you can contact Thane Pearce on 1300 772 679 or at

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