Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Aruma: Long Service Leave entitlements and payslips

CPSU NSW officials members met with Aruma Human Resources and Payroll Management on 12 April 2022 to discuss the ongoing issue around the change to Long Service Leave (LSL) not being displayed on payslips.

The issue

LSL accruals and entitlements are no longer displayed on payslips, regardless of how much entitlement to the leave an employee has accrued.

However, you have not lost your leave.

Current position

The Fair Work Ombudsman recommends displaying LSL entitlements as best practice for information to be included on payslips.

To this end after meeting with CPSU NSW officials, Aruma is making adjustments to the software program that produces payslips to enable your LSL balances (that is your accrual and entitlement balances) to appear again on your payslip.

Aruma estimates this will occur in June when the adjustments are completed.

What you can do

In the meantime there are a few options to make regular checks on your leave:

To keep track of your leave balances each pay fortnight you can:

  1. Call/email payroll to request a screen shot of your LSL balances
  2. Ask your Team Leader to print out your balances
  3. Call HR to request that you receive a screen shot of your LSL balances.

If you have any further queries contact payroll and request that you be forwarded an email with the information you have requested.

Information from the Fair Work Ombudsman about record keeping and payslips is here (Record-keeping-and-pay-slip Regulations add link)

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