Thursday, 21 April 2022

Red Tape – April to June 2022 Edition

The latest edition of Red Tape is out now.

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When disaster strikes NSW, PSA/CPSU NSW members are always there to help.

The current issue of Red Tape looks at how our members once again came to the fore as the north of the state was hit by two successive floods. We talk to members from all over the union who were there for the people of northern NSW, from members in schools to the SES, plus a remarkable Electoral Officer’s story.

This issue also examines the scourge of insecure work and how precarious employment conditions affect some of our members.

We also look at a TV series that has gone behind the bars of NSW gaols and shown the admirable work of our members working in the tough world of our correctives system.

And as always, Red Tape is brimming with informative news stories, incisive commentary, great book and podcast reviews as well as valuable membership information.

Enjoy your reading.