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 Congratulations on Your Pay Rise for 2022.  This is the last pay rise contained in your Mercer Administration Services Enterprise Agreement 2019.

Pay Rate – How is it worked out?

On the subject of pay rises and new pay rates, a number of members have contacted their union seeking information on how their pay rates are worked out.

Members noted if they look up their new weekly rate contained in the Weekly Table in Schedule B of the Enterprise Agreement and then checked their pay slip the rates did not line up.

For Example:

Looking up Clause 16.3 and Schedule B in the Agreement

A – Annual Salary – Level 3 Minimum – $62, 373

B – Weekly Rate of Pay as derived from Annual Salary divided by 52 – $1,199.48

C – Hourly Rate of pay as derived from weekly rate of pay divided by 38 – $31.56

Hourly Rate of pay as per pay slip – $31.46 – a 0.10 cent difference.

Why the Difference?

Pay rises are calculated on the base rate and your hourly rate should line up with Schedule B table hourly rate.

Interestingly members noted when they applied the method prescribed in Clause 14 of the previous Enterprise Agreement to work out their pay rate they ended up with the rate on their pay slips as opposed to the rate in the table.

Therefore members have logically asked if Clause 14 of the Old Agreement applies in working out their pay rates or alternatively if the error is due to a rounding and/or processing error.

Check Your Pay Rate

We are asking all members to check their pay slips and base rates and apply the relevant increase to each year of their salary as contained in the agreement.

We are then asking you to fill in the following survey to get a clearer picture on the breadth of the issue.

Click here to complete the survey:

We will take the issue up with Mercer at the next Joint Consultative Committee meeting and report back after to members after the meeting.

Discrepancies between Compensation Statements and Enterprises Agreement

CPSU NSW members noted there compensation statements reflected a 2.24 per cent pay rise. Members then checked the Enterprise Agreement which had 2.25 per cent if they were a 3 in their performance rating.  Although the difference was quite small members queried the difference between their statements and the Agreement.

Mercer has subsequently rectified the issue and new compensation statements will be issued for those members.

Pay rises for Outliers

During negotiations for the Enterprises Agreement the Mercer and CPSU NSW worked through a range of issues in relation to pay. It was agreed that outliers would receive a one of payment on their base salary in line with Clause 16.3.

CPSU NSW members noted that in receiving this year’s pay rise the payment was treated as a bonus and the Super Guarantee was taken out of their pay increase. This meant their pay rise was under the specified amount in the Enterprise Agreement.

We have raised this with Mercer and they are looking into the issue.  We will keep members updated as the issue develops.

Your CPSU NSW Team

Shane Elliott- CPSU NSW Team

Bart McKenzie – CPSU NSW Team

Kylie Bell – CPSU NSW TEAM