Friday, 17 September 2021

Sydney University Enterprise Bargaining update

Bargaining is well underway for our new Enterprise Agreement (EA), with meetings continuing on our regular schedule.

University management responded positively to union claims around increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, ‘cultural load’ and staff engagement. However, details and clauses remain to be worked through.

Unfortunately, the response to your claim for a comprehensive sexual harassment and sexual assault clause was a marked contrast, with management adopting almost none of the CPSU NSW drafting or principles.

Management’s response was to redraft our EA’s existing bullying and harassment clause in a way your Branch Committee feels diminishes our protections in this area. Management also asserts that what we sought in our clause (adopting a proactive, risk-management approach, speedy resolution, training, and executive accountability) was already provided elsewhere. Even if we agreed that various policies, procedures, legislation, or university structures provided what we sought – we don’t – we are still seeking the protection and legal enforceability an EA grants. Unfortunately, as branch officials and delegates we know what is in place currently does not do enough to protect members and we are concerned at the diminishing of the existing bullying and harassment clause.

While disappointing, this is only the beginning of bargaining around this and our other conditions, so stay tuned for upcoming member meetings and updates.

We have had some discussions around redundancy parity, workload, and leave, with much more to come. Management has offered some new conditions, but all is dependent on the final package.

Now more than ever a strong union will help us all win together, so if there is a colleague who isn’t yet a member, send this update on and invite them to JOIN.

In unity,
CPSU NSW Sydney University Branch Committee