Wednesday, 1 September 2021

University Professional Staff NSW Facebook Group

The CPSU NSW invites you to join the University Professional Staff – CPSU NSW Private Facebook Group . The Group is open to all Professional Staff employed at a NSW university, and is another way to provide on-going information on what is happening across the higher education sector, while supporting each other through these uncertain times. You do not have to be a CPSU NSW member to join this group, but of course it is very much encouraged.

It is a space for Professional Staff to support each other (particularly during lockdown), and to share information across all NSW universities in NSW, in particular about our rights at work and conditions of employment.

The CPSU NSW has a long history of representing University Professional Staff. With Enterprise Bargaining commencing in some universities and due to start soon elsewhere, it is more important than ever that Professional Staff stick together.

Please share the group with a fellow co-worker– member and non-members are welcome.

When we stand together, we can make some amazing changes. The more united Professional Staff the bigger and stronger the CPSU NSW will be.

Want to know more about the CPSU NSW?

The CPSU NSW has developed a handbook HERE that explains the benefits of being a member of the only union that is exclusively for Professional Staff.


Contact the CPSU NSW

Member Support Centre 1300 772 679

Know anyone who is not a member?

Ask them to join HERE