Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Bargaining for your agreement has commenced

Bargaining for our new Enterprise Agreement has formally begun. We presented our log of claims to University of Sydney management and had our first bargaining meeting last week, with more than 20 representatives from unions and the employer. 


You can find the unions’ logs of claims HERE and HERE and your employer detailing what management is seeking HERE. Unsurprisingly, the university has a keen focus on costs and we will be drawing out the specifics of how it plans to address this as bargaining continues. Your Delegates will continue to press our claims for a fair and sector-leading workplace.  


Now, more than ever, we need a strong union of united members. If you know a professional staff colleague who isn’t a CPSU NSW member, now is the time to ask them to sign up at


We will keep you updated as bargaining continues, and encourage you to attend the sector-wide briefings the CPSU NSW is holding.  


Your University of Sydney Delegates

Holly Eades

Rachelle Downe

Ivan Coates

Grant Wheeler

Patrick O’Mara