Wednesday, 21 July 2021

UTS Bargaining EB 9 Update

The CPSU NSW is the union for Professional Staff representing your interests.  This includes maintaining your conditions in a separate Professional Staff agreement.

We have listened to your feedback, and endorsed a final log of claims that we have brought to  bargaining table. Our  focus as your representative will be to protect, and wherever possible improve, your conditions that we have campaigned for and won over the years. Our victories include better consultation over workplace changes, job security, flexible working arrangements, recognition of Professional Staff and so forth.

To strengthen our position on the bargaining table  we ask you, if you not in a union, to join CPSU NSW. Also speak to your colleagues about becoming a member. They can sign up at

The CPSU NSW UTS Branch EB9 bargaining team met with UTS and NTEU representatives to start UTS Enterprise Bargaining negotiations on Tuesday 20th July 2021. The meeting lasted 90 minutes. UTS is represented by the Provost, FASS Dean, UTS General Counsel, HR Deputy Director and HR Workplace Relations Specialist.

Your CPSU NSW bargaining team consists CPSU NSW delegates Rosa Bow, Greg Hampshire, Mark Christopher, Andreas Dalman, and CPSU NSW Senior Organiser Anne Kennelly.

The NTEU also was represented at the meeting.

Both unions focused on Resourcing the Bargaining process (delegate time release, writing to delegate supervisors) and Requests for Information. UTS is committed to two-hour bargaining meetings fortnightly until agreement has been reached.

UTS shared its six main 2021 Bargaining Priorities mainly focused on Academic work. These are:

  • Academic Work Allocation
  • Hybrid Roles
  • Changes processes and costs
  • Casual Staffing
  • Conversion
  • Simplification

Each of these may have an effect on your conditions.

Management and unions will;

  • commit to fortnightly meetings until an agreement is reached
  • commit to supply a Draft Single Agreement at our next meeting – scheduled 4th August – with mapped changes and key takeaways*
  • hear from the CFO at our next meeting to learn the university’s current financial situation and that moving forward
  • provide a log of claims.

* UTS will supply a draft single Enterprise Agreement before our next meeting in early August. This will a merging of the Academic and Professional Staff Agreements based on the six main priorities listed above. UTS indicated an understanding of both unions’ Log of Claims and will follow up any need for clarification in writing.

The CPSU NSW Senior Organiser underlined our strong enthusiasm for separate agreements. The CPSU NSW UTS EB9 bargaining team remain committed to separate agreements, representing the interests of professional staff and pursuing a successful outcome to the members’ log of claims.

The next EB9 meeting is scheduled for two hours on Tuesday 3 August 2021 from 9.00 a.m.

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UTS CPSU NSW Branch Committee

President Rosa Bow 
Vice President Mark Christopher 
Secretary Greg Hampshire 

Assistant Secretary Andreas Dalman 
Membership Registrar Thomas Dobson 
Women’s Officer Fleur Sargent 
WHS Officer Michael Soo 

Branch Delegate Linda Xiao