Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Annual wage review decision to boost wages by 2.5 per cent

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Pay increase

Last month, the Fair Work Commission handed down its annual wage review. The result was a 2.5 per cent increase to wage rates across most Awards, including the Copied State Awards under which transferred staff continue to operate. This wage increase is to be implemented from the first full pay period after 1 July 2021. The CPSU NSW recently wrote to all providers highlighting this requirement and most have informed us that they do not anticipate any issues with this process. We will continue to follow up with employers who have yet to respond to ensure that members receive the benefit of this decision to which they are entitled. Please advise us if there are any concerns about the implementation of this increase.

Union strength

The decision of the Fair Work Commission to award the latest 2.5 per cent wage increase was due in no small part to the continued efforts of the union movement. Every year the CPSU NSW continues to fight for members’ rights and to improve employment term and conditions; whether it be through bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement, representing individual members in dispute with their employers or publically lobbying State and Federal leaders. Your CPSU NSW maintains its power to provide these services through you – the members, and the stronger our membership base, the more effective we can be in representing your interests. If you work with any non-members, now is the time to highlight the important role Unions play in achieving real-word improvements such as the latest pay rise and encourage them to join.

Know a non-member?

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