Thursday, 3 December 2020

International Day of People with Disability – 3 December 2020

International Day of People with Disability (pdf version)

The 3 December is the International Day of People with Disability, with this year’s theme being “not all disabilities are visible”.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 15 per cent of the world’s population, or more than 1 billion people, are living with disability. While most people (95.7%) with disability lived in households, 4.3% lived in cared-accommodation.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 4.4 million people or 17.7% of the population live with a disability.  While most people (95.7%) with a disability are living in households, 4.3% live in cared accommodation, such as Group Homes.

CPSUNSW/PSA members employed in Disability Services play an essential role in ensuring that the quality of life and care for people in lived in care accommodation, such as group homes, is at the upmost highest.

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