Tuesday, 12 May 2020

University pay cuts: Union showdown looms – SBS 12 May 2020

Union showdown looms

The NSW arm of the Community and Public Sector Union – representing non-academic staff such as librarians and maintenance workers – has criticised the NTEU’s “myopic” deal.

“This non-binding framework is being touted as a deal between all stakeholders, it’s anything but,” spokesman Troy Wright said.

“It leaves the lowest-paid staff, the people who are actually keeping these universities running, out in the cold.

“A 15 per cent wage cut may only be a haircut for high-paid academics, but for the professional staff of universities it is a life-altering cut to their pay packet.”

Mr Wright said there were a range of other costs that could be cut by universities before staff salaries had to be put on the chopping block.

“But it would seem the NTEU’s leather-elbow-patched brigade would rather librarians, student services and admin staff on less than $70,000 take a 15 per cent cut to their pay than see their travel allowances reduced.”

Dr Barnes said low paid and casual staff would be protected under the NTEU’s plan and it was the CPSU’s right to “take whatever position they want”.