Thursday, 7 May 2020

CPSU NSW concerned at job losses as ConnectAbilty flags major restructure

ConnectAbility has advised the CPSU NSW of plans to restructure the HVDS portion of supported independent living to resemble its pre-existing business.  You can view its proposal HERE.

According to the company’s information booklet the consultation period will last only one week, from 5 May to 12 May.

Under the proposal the Coordinator of Accommodation Respite (CAR), Practice Support Coordinator and Rostering Manager roles will be deleted, with the position of Supported Independent Living (SIL), Support Leader essentially replacing the CAR role. The recruitment for the SIL Support Leader role is set to commence on 13 May.

With the removal of the Rostering Manager role, ConnectAbility has stated Team leaders will be required to commence submitting their rosters via CAZoom from 12 May. It is unclear what level of responsibility Team Leaders will have for the rosters or the additional workload under the new operating arrangement.

Additionally, ConnectAbility is yet to provide any information on how staff training and support will be managed once the Practice Support Coordinator role is deleted.

The CPSU NSW has written to ConnectAbility to express concern that on the basis of the company’s proposed implementation timeframes, genuine and meaningful consultation will be unable to occur.

We will provide further updates once we have received a response from ConnectAbility.

We want to hear from our members, the subject matter experts, on the impact of these changes will have on your work. This will go on to inform the feedback we provide ConnectAbility.

Please provide this feedback to the CPSU by close of business 11 May 2020.  You can provide your feedback to ">.

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