Wednesday, 15 April 2020


The Community and Public Sector Union – CPSU NSW – is dedicated to ensuring our Professional Staff members at UNSW are fully represented, particularly in these unprecedented times.

We are having regular discussions with the university about the rapidly changing situation, with our goal being to protect our members’ jobs and to ensure that our members’ rights and conditions of employment are respected, both collectively and individually.

Yesterday’s message to all staff from the President and Vice-Chancellor raised a number of concerns for UNSW Professional Staff with regard to the university’s suggested voluntary measures over the next three months.

The options all staff have been asked to consider are:

  • Voluntary decrease in hours and pay
  • Voluntary salary reduction by purchasing extra leave
  • Voluntary retirement

The university said, “In the current environment, the impact of a large number of staff taking up these options could be significant in lessening UNSW’s financial difficulties – and therefore the number of job losses we have to consider.”

Please note that these options are voluntary. UNSW Professional Staff cannot be directed to take any of these options. The CPSU NSW recommends that all members seek independent advice before volunteering for any of these options, as there may be unforeseen consequences affecting your future employment, salary, tax liability or superannuation and leave entitlements.

CPSU NSW members should always speak to their union before making any decision.

If you are CPSU NSW member and you feel you are being pressured to accept reduced hours, or to do anything you are not comfortable with, you should contact a UNSW Professional Staff Union delegate (see contact details below) or call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

The CPSU NSW has also set up a question box (via Survey Monkey) HERE

UNSW Professional Staff can ask questions or raise any concerns you have about your rights at work during this very difficult time.

If you prefer, you can ask questions anonymously – if you choose to do so, your question will be answered in our regular email bulletins to CPSU NSW members.

If you leave your name and contact details, we will get back to you personally, as always, in complete confidence.

This question box is open to all UNSW Professional Staff; however, the end of week bulletin is only available to CPSU NSW members.

The CPSU NSW represents thousands of Professional Staff across all universities in NSW. We are party to the current UNSW Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement and are able to advise, support and represent UNSW Professional Staff.

Non-members can join the CPSU NSW Professional Staff Union online HERE

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with a union delegate, send us a question via the Survey Monkey link above, or call us on 1300 772 679.

We’ll be in touch again soon.

CPSU NSW Professional Staff Union Delegates:

Alister Wareing

Warassamon Kate Brown

David Herd

Liam Orchard

Jane Knowles

Todd Bonner

Joe Holloway (Paddington Campus)

Kirra Jackson (CPSU NSW Organiser)

Lisa Nelson (CPSU NSW Industrial Officer)